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2020 Bullitt Mustang – Steve McQueen Would be Proud

January 9, 2021 By Shirleen Riffe

Welcome to my first car review for In the Pits Media. This might be a bit unlike most reviews you have read before. I am not a racer. Well, I did do some off-road motorcycle riding as a teen. I am an automobile and racing enthusiast. I am also a 5’2” 135lb. 60+ year old female. Somewhat of an anomaly in this field I would think. I am therefore going to review vehicles on a basis of comfort, styling, and usability for small older women.

Here we go. Hold on. My first review is of the 2020 Ford Mustang Bullitt. You did read that correctly. A Mustang Bullitt you ask? Yes, I say. I am not the only older woman that loves some power under her foot. We need to be able to get that last parking space at the old Piggly Wiggly, or the podiatrist’s office for shaving those bunions. Here is how it’s done:

The Mustang GT on which the Bullitt is based is outfitted with the always lovely 5.0-liter V8 Coyote engine. A stock GT will do a sprightly 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds, but the with the approximately 20 additional hp the Bullitt is closer to 4 seconds. The 2020 Bullitt will top out at 163 mph, but you should not need all those ponies to get to work in the morning. Just lay out your clothes a head of time.

For those Mustang aficionados the Bullitt lies between the GT and the Shelby GT350. It is a bit easier on the wallet just in case you need a minivan for the mister.

Looks: It is a Mustang. Ford has been very faithful to the styling history of the pony car. It continues to be a head turner.

  • Comfort: Ricaro seats. I love them. At my size I can slide a bit in the seats on corning, but for the average person they are comfy. For you larger ladies they maybe a bit snug and not terribly comfortable on long trips. Standard seats are available.

My legs are so short that to engage the clutch pedal I have to move the seat closer to the steering wheel than makes me comfortable.

One of most important pieces of advice for the vertically challenged is to opt for the electric driver seat. I will have to assume it has a height adjustment. The model I tested had a manual driver’s side seat adjustment. My line of sight was only about an inch over the steering wheel. Not terribly safe. Activate small person booster seat. Other niceties include:

  • 9-speaker sound system with amplifier

  • SiriusXM® Radio Open image overlay for SiriusXM®Radio

  • SYNC® 3 Open image overlay for SYNC®3

  • FordPass Connect™

  • FordPass™ App

  • Two smart-charging USB ports

These systems are easy for the somewhat tech savvy. If you are not savvy and new car dashes drum up visions of a SpaceX rocket, grab a Gen Z kid and have them give you a few lessons.

Ride Comfort: I had heard that the Bullitt, like other Mustangs, was a bit rough going down the road. I recently owned a 2014 Mustang GT which still had the old stagecoach chassis, and I did not find the ride terribly rough. I was expecting the same feel from the Bullitt but was pleasantly surprised. They have invested a lot in engineering to make these muscle cars handle more like their European counterparts and they are close now.

Gas Mileage: Who cares.

Prices start at a tad under $50,000

In conclusion, if you are wanting to indulge yourself in a classic muscle car that is a head turning icon? Yeah, this will do it. Go for it.

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